To drill a gap in a clay tiled divider, regardless of whether in a kitchen or a washroom isn’t just troublesome, yet introduces a few impediments also. The most essential is the potential penetration of moistness, which can aggregate behind the tiles and in the long run reason them to end up free. Before drilling inquire as to whether it is totally important to drill. In the event that it is unavoidable, drill ideally in the joints between the tiles as opposed to in the tiles to abstain from part or breaking them. The breadth of the opening ought not to be bigger than double the width of the joint. You can all things considered drill a few openings. In the event that you should drill into the tiles you can utilize two portions of covering tape set in a traverse the tile and drill amidst it.

Prior to drilling it, check the spot when you have to connect your snare or screw. Pick a drilling tool comparing to the span of the rawl plug you mean to utilize. It is smarter to utilize a drill with an electronic variable speed which will adjust consequently to the work you are doing. Pick additionally a tungsten drilling tool.

In the event that your drill isn’t furnished with an electronic variable speed, begin by going moderate all together not to break the tile increment speed as you feel the bit going into the tile. At long last go to full speed to achieve the most extreme profundity of the gap.

Pick your equipment (rawl plugs, screws, snares) in capacity of the materials behind the tiles.

One final tip: If you expect to connect a gap an earthenware tile, you should utilize a tinted concrete that will mix into the shade of the tile theme. To fix a gap in the joint between tiles, sand the joint down and supplant it with new grout.