Finer values for the Best Custom Characters in Marketing

GIFs and blueprints are usually placed in promotional letters. But these elements can work fine in trigger messages as well.

Some recent statistics:

Trigger messages are at least 10 times more effective than standard emails. The discovery rate of personalized trigger messages is 25% higher, and the number of unique clicks is 51% higher than that of standard emails.

High results are due to the fact that the trigger letters are personalized and sent to interested users (recently subscribed to the newsletter or made a purchase). 72% of email marketers who used GIFs or bluegraphs showed an increase in the “transaction by clicks” indicator.

If trigger messages and emails with animation are usually more effective than standard letters, why not combine these two techniques?

Use animations in welcome emails, reminders of abandoned baskets and when confirming an order, and you will be able to surprise new and loyal customers. The insertions for the custom characters also yield much importance there.

Looking for inspiration?

We offer you a few fresh examples of the use of animation. Most of the images are taken from advertising emails, but you can apply these ideas in trigger or service messages.

Welcome campaign

The image is accompanied by the text: “Welcome to Mr. Porter! Make yourself at home”.

Loyalty program/bonus program for customers

Subscribers received a Happy New Year greetings, but this card is suitable for any holiday. It is important that the client earned a new level in the bonus program. It’s time to have fun!

Jubilee campaign

The picture warns: “Soon Valentine’s Day. There is still time to find a dizzying dress.

Any email (it does not matter, congratulations on the wedding anniversary or gratitude for loyalty) should have a festive design.

A reminder of an abandoned basket

Add in the message about the unfinished purchase a bit of humor, and the potential buyer will return to the site. A great reminder option: “Hey! You forgot something. See what remains in the basket. ”

If the product ordered by the customer is not available, apologize and give a link to similar products. And to smooth the unpleasant impression, add a funny animated picture.